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Behind the Scenes at Emages Hair
Click to view fabulous, real client before and after photos taken from Emages Hair, the best Houston black hair salon, featuring Best Sellers from The Best Hair and Body Products and Jean Crozier Cosmetics.

The Best Hair and Body Products

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With Rhonda and Tommy Hicks
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Welcome to Emages Hair!
Welcome to Emages Hair!Internationally acclaimed, Emages Hair is one of the best Houston black hair salons offering world class service from beauty industry Icons Rhonda and Tommy Hicks. Together their creations have been featured in world class magazines, on CD covers, in Movies, on Fashion runways, on TV, and stages. Actors, Actresses, Singers, TV personalities, Models and anyone who wants their hair to look the very best it can request them by name. Emages Hair is one of the best Houston black hair salons and is known for legendary hair design, hair color, hair weaving techniques, hair cutting, reconstructing damaged hair and Fusion hair extensions for multicultural, textured, and black hair care. We will create a fresh, modern hair style and beauty direction designed for you and how you live, no matter what your age. Emages hair offers an exclusive line of hair and body products, The Best Hair and Body Products, which have been especially formulated in a professional environment with our customers hair care and body needs in mind. Take some time to explore the site and get to know our hair and body products at Emages Hair. We are happy to serve you!
Hair Straightening and Texturizing or Thermal Reconditioning
Frizzy Hair Hair after using Thermal Japanese Straightening
Do you fight with a blow dryer and a flat iron day and night to straighten your hair? Do you have an international or diverse ethnicity that contributes to a frizzy, wavy, or a highly textured hair type? Hair Straightening and Texturizing may be for you! NEW for multicultural and international hair textures. It's time to STRAIGHTEN UP! Try Hair Straightening and Texturizing or Thermal Reconditioning. As industry experts on textured hair we are excited to offer this amazing and rewarding experience to a global audience.
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The season is changing...so should your look try...HAIR FUSION!
Before  Hair Fusion After Hair Fusion
Are you searching for a new look? Are you unsatisfied with their hair? Is it too short, too thin or simply unstylish? Did you know that almost half of American women have hair that hangs past their shoulders? What about the other half? Until recently, there weren't a lot of options for clients with these concerns. With recent advancements, the option of adding hair for volume or length has become much more feasible.

Emages Hair, USA, one of the best Houston black hair salons, offers several exciting hair weaving techniques, styles including the new sensation that is sweeping the country, Hair Fusion. Emages Hair is the #1 salon for Hair Fusion in Houston. Emages Hair specializes in African American hair extensions in Houston, hair extensions for Caucasians and other ethnicities.

Interested in Hair Fusion Houston? Emages Hair is the right place for you. Hair Fusion in Houston is a great way to get instant longer and fuller hair. Celebrities everywhere use hair extensions to get long, full beautiful hair in just a few hours. The beauty of it is that the hair extensions look completely natural, like it grew out of your head. No one will even be able to tell that you are wearing them.
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Star Power Combination
Yolanda Adams Rhonda Hicks
A Star Power Combination! Platinum selling, multiple Grammy winner, World renowned Inspirational Songstress and recording Artist Yolanda Adams and World-renowned international educator, platform artist and Beauty Industry Icon, Rhonda Hicks. Check out the smooth soul searching melodies on her new CD, "Believe". While you're at it, check the fabulous sleek and sophisticated look created on the CD cover created by Rhonda Hicks. » Click here for more information about this dynamic duo.

Best Sellers
Shea Mango Body Butter
Shea Mango
Body Butter
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The Best Shinin' Hair Polish
Shinin' Hair Polish and Cuticle Smoother
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Hot Celebrity Trends
Celebrities Do you ever wonder how your favorite celebrity is able to maintain that perfect hair style? Do you wish you could walk out of the salon looking like you're about to step onto the red carpet? Or are you searching for a subtle yet stunning new look for the workplace?

Try something new! The stylists at Emages Hair will work with you to find a style that achieves just what you are looking for. We will take the extra time to investigate your personality with a free consultation and tailor your style creating an individual; someone who will turn heads.

Your hair will not only look great, but it will be happy and healthy as a result of our professional salon maintenance system. Visit Us! Let us help you accomplish your new look or maintain your old one. Click here to schedule your first appointment!
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