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本文摘要:It has been a staple of science fiction for decades, and could be a godsend for tourists grappling with directions to their hotel.同声英语口译耳机是几十年来奇幻小说的主题风格,很有可能会沦为在去酒店中途迷了路游人们的福利。


It has been a staple of science fiction for decades, and could be a godsend for tourists grappling with directions to their hotel.同声英语口译耳机是几十年来奇幻小说的主题风格,很有可能会沦为在去酒店中途迷了路游人们的福利。An earpiece that lets its wearer understand other nationalities by instantly translating foreign languages is due to go on sale next month.一款能够及时翻译成国外语言,让配戴者听不懂老外讲出的耳机将于下个月刚开始开售。The £140 device, which can decode eight languages, is inspired by translators such as the Babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which allowed the earthling Arthur Dent to comprehend alien races on his adventures.这个耳机市场价140欧元(折合1212元人民币),能够翻译成八种语言,遭受《银河系搭便车指南》中巴别鱼等“翻译人员”的设计灵感制成。巴别鱼让人类阿瑟-邓特能在冒险中听不懂外族微生物的语言。



Lingmo International, the Australian firm behind the Translate One2One earpiece, said it would put an end to awkward international meetings between politicians and business leaders.“翻译成一对一”耳机是加拿大公司Lingmo International产品研发出去的。该公司答复这款耳机将完成政界人士和商业服务领导者报名参加国际学术会议时的心寒。The device translates sentences in three to five seconds using IBM’s artificial intelligence language software, Watson.这个耳机用以IBM公司的人工智能技术语言手机软件Watson,能在三至五秒的時间里翻译成句子。It is the first earpiece of its kind to translate languages without needing a constant connection to a mobile phone or Wi-Fi signal, and can translate between English, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese.它是第一款必须依然相接到手机上或wifi网络数据信号就能翻译成语言的耳机。

可翻译成的语言还包括英语、法文、意大利文、西语、墨西哥葡语、法语和中文。Lingmo has put the device on sale and claims it will be delivered as early as mid-July, in time for the start of the summer holidays.Lingmo公司已刚开始开售这款耳机,并答复最开始将于10月中下旬交付,恰好能紧跟暑假假期的刚开始。There is one catch, however: the speaker and listener will have to wear a device each for the translation software to work.但有一点:翻译者和聆听者都务必佩戴耳机,翻译成手机软件才可以工作中。


Several technology companies are developing language earpieces aimed at making embarrassing holiday encounters a thing of the past, while Google recently upgraded its translation software so that it is able to understand full sentences, instead of converting phrases word by word.很多家高新科技公司都会产品研发语言翻译成耳机,以让心寒的假期遇上沦为历史时间。Google公司前不久对其翻译成手机软件进行了升級,使其能够讲解全句,而不是文章转换语句。