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Im Michael and like many of you a victim of bike crime. Coming out of a meetup with friends and seeing your bike has been stolen for the second time is never a nice feeling. Seeing that your bike lock didn’t hold up to being cut through is even worse. After that I was constantly worried about my bike getting stolen when it was chained up outside and speaking to my friends many of them felt the same way.我是麦克风,和很多人一样,备受自行车被盗的并发症。每一次和朋友聚餐后看到自行车又扔了一直令人很怨恨。

自行车锁锁不上车实在好难受了。自行车锁住被切下完一次以后,我也一直忧虑泊车在外面的自行车不容易被盗走,大家大多数也是有完全一致的觉得。We decided that as a group with different skills: engineers, marketing professionals, designers, we thought we could do something about this, so we conceived a Smart Lock. We wanted to stop our bikes getting stolen and to also track them if they did.我与我的好朋友都主要从事着各有不同的领域:有技术工程师、营销大师、室内设计师,大家实在能够保证点什么来摆脱困境,智能锁住(Smart Lock)应时而生,用于防止自行车被盗,也可以在被盗后追踪遗失物。

We obviously realized this was going to be a huge task, but committed two years of our lives, to prototyping, designing, testing, scrapping and trying again.不容置疑,仅仅一项艰辛的每日任务,大家用2年的時间制做试品、设计方案、检测、要点来过又大大的试着。The end result of the late nights, hard work and maybe a few tears, is a product we are very proud of, possibly the safest lock in the world.饱经休息日、勤奋努力和眼泪,大家再一发明人了这个带到着荣誉感、世界最安全系数的车门锁。

Our lock is made with a hardened stainless steel casing to be tough, GPS tracking so you can track your bike worldwide, motion sensors to alert you of suspicious activity and a 110db alarm to alert those nearby.智能锁住机壳由绵软的不锈钢加工而出,内嵌全世界追踪定位系统软件,买车人可在全世界范畴内追踪自行车,及其运动传感器,再次出现猜疑不负责任时可警惕买车人,而且以一百分贝的声音警示周边群体。